Custom Embroidery

January 2018:
I'm looking to open some spots in May 2019

Hello and welcome to the Information page for custom work!

Please read the entire page before emailing.

* Not every request sent to me will be accepted and I will take each piece on as I have time between shows and other work.
* All accepted requests will be placed in my queue. Please ask about timelines when requesting custom work. I will rarely be able to make short timelines so plan accordingly when looking to order gifts.

I love doing custom work but I try to design each piece I make so that it fits well within the entire body of work. Please take a look at my Instagram for reference. @FEARSOMEBEAST
* All Custom work will be similar in tone and shape to my regular work with symbolism, foliage, color, fabric, frame, and additional details tailored to you.
* Each piece may be up to 50% covered in hand embroidery and/or beading embellishment depending on design. Piece will be of 1 figure with 1 background element (flowers, cacti, abstract pattern) and 1 crown or other headdress design. We can discuss options of secondary characters but it will add cost and time to the project.
* Fabrics and frame are subject to what I have in stock. Exact embroidery size will depend on available frames though you may pick Small, Medium, Large sizes to start with.

Small Custom will be about or under 3x3inches (ex: 2x4inch interior frame qualifies). $300-$500
Medium Custom will be about or under 6x6inches (ex: 5x7inch interior frame qualifies). $600- $800
Large Custom will be pieces above 6x6. Each of the largest frames I have are very different so price will vary. Expect $900 and up.


I have a private shop up where you will be able to browse frames of all sizes and prices. Usually the base fee for the frame will cover the whole commission. If we agree on any added design elements that are extra I will post a private listing for you to purchase.

You will receive a color sketch no later than 30 days after ideas have been solidified and frames chosen. After that you will have the chance to request changes in design and color before I begin working on the piece.

All designs must be agreed upon within 3 months of purchase. If no agreement/ decisions can be made in that time I will refund up to 2/3 the custom order price.

I will send you photos when I am close to completing the piece and we can discuss any small detail changes or additions you may want.

Finished embroidery will be shipped no later than 6 months from the time of sketch approval by both collector and artist.

Final sale on in progress or completed custom orders.

Purchase of this Custom Work indicates that the Collector/Purchaser agrees that:

Upon receiving the Work, Collector becomes the legal owner of the Work with all rights and privileges, with the exceptions noted below.
-Artist will retain all copyright rights and rights to reproduce the Work in all forms.
-Collector will not permit any intentional destruction, damage, or modification of the Work.
-If the work is damaged Collector will consult the Artist before any restoration and must give Artist first opportunity to restore it, if practical.
-The Artist is not responsible for changes in the Work due to light exposure, climate, humidity, moisture, molds, infestations, stains, warping, shrinkage, or wear from touching of the Work

Email Custom Requests with the title
Tell me as much as you can about what colors, background elements, and/or other ideas you are looking to include in your piece.


If you have any other questions or ideas that don’t fit within these guidelines feel free to email me at THEFEARSOMEBEAST@GMAIL.COM as well.